How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work For You How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work For You

James M. Trippon, CPA
"The Millionaire’s Mentor"

James M. Trippon, CPA, is fast becoming known as America’s mentor to millionaires. Over the past two decades he has become nationally recognized as a financial advisor to some of America's wealthiest families and largest corporations.

Through his flourishing practice, Trippon has advised hundreds of millionaires on financial planning, portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning and advanced tax strategies. His expertise has helped his clients to make and protect hundreds of millions of dollars. Now he reveals his most effective strategies in a new book, Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets Of Millionaires, published in February 2004.

In a twenty-year study leading up to the publication of his book, Trippon has personally met with and interviewed over 1,000 millionaires. His ongoing research uncovered the techniques that millionaires use to stay on top. Trippon’s new book reveals the secrets to becoming and staying rich to readers who want to learn from America’s wealthiest individuals.

James M. Trippon established a prestigious financial planning firm in Houston fifteen years ago, serving hundreds of affluent clients and some of America’s wealthiest companies. Prior to opening his own company, he worked for four years with Price Waterhouse as a senior financial statement auditor for many of America’s “Fortune 100” corporations. He was responsible for planning and supervision of financial statements, annual reports and SEC filings for industrial giants including Exxon and Shell Oil. He also served as a senior financial auditor for numerous "Fortune 500" companies, including Tenneco and U.S. Home while working with another of America’s big-seven accounting firms. From 1994-2001 Trippon also served as an investment advisor for First Global Capital Corporation.

Trippon’s unique financial expertise has been widely recognized. The U.S. Small Business Administration named him “Small Business Accountant of the Year.” While working with the Texas Society of CPAs, Trippon served as state committee member of the Ethics Committee and the Healthcare Committee. He is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, the American Institute of CPAs and MENSA.

Trippon, 42, earned his B.S. in Accounting at the University of Illinois, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He was born and raised in the Chicago area, and currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and two children.